Neighborhood coffee hosts wanted!

Neighborhood coffee hosts wanted!

I’m looking for community members who are interested in hosting “neighborhood coffees,” casual get-togethers in which friends and neighbors chat about energy efficiency with Claremont Energy Challenge organizers, as a fun and easy way to spread the word about the Challenge.

We will provide:

  • Refreshments (we are willing to deviate from the “coffee” model, just let us know what you think would be most appealing to your guests!)
  • Invitations to pass out around your neighborhood
  • A discussion leader from the Claremont Energy Challenge

All that’s needed from you is:

  • To invite your friends and neighbors to the event
  • A couple of hours of time in your home

Every coffee will bring us another step closer to winning the $5 million Georgetown University Energy Prize!


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I’m Interested (Email Anne)

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Anne Bremer
Program Manager – Claremont Energy Challenge


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