Devon Hartman Wins Linda Wigington 2015 Visionary Leadership Award

Devon Hartman Wins Linda Wigington 2015 Visionary Leadership Award

Home Performance Coalition Announces Linda Wigington Leadership Award Recipient

May 6, 2015—Pittsburgh, PA and Washington, DC—The Home Performance Coalition (HPC) is excited to announce that Devon Hartman, Executive Director of CHERP (the Community Home Energy Retrofit Project) in Claremont, CA has been named this year’s recipient of the Linda Wigington Leadership Award.

The Linda Wigington Leadership Award celebrates visionary leaders doing extraordinary work to strengthen the home performance and weatherization industry. This award showcases individual excellence in leadership as demonstrated by outstanding initiative, impact of work, and inspiration to others.

Devon brings 35 years of experience in architecture, construction, and business to lead the rallying cry for the Home Performance industry and to bring the benefits of building science into local government and general public awareness. One nominator said, “Devon is a highly admired and sought-after speaker, community organizer, and energy efficiency educator who has championed the residential home performance message more than any other individual in the country.”

He is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of CHERP Inc. (, a nonprofit, volunteer, social enterprise focusing on educating cities, community organizations, home owners, businesses, contractors, and realtors in the benefits of energy efficiency and forming public and private partnerships in the pursuit of massive reductions in green-house gases and the use of fossil fuels in the building sector.

“CHERP has a compelling story to tell the nation. I have seen the program’s results first hand and we are excited to showcase CHERP’s accomplishments as a model for other communities to follow. The CHERP program has the potential to recast how we approach building retrofits. We are proud of Devon and congratulate him on this leadership award.” Ken Alex, California’s Senior Advisor on Energy to Governor Brown and Director of the Office of Planning and Research

“Los Angeles County and The Energy Network has focused on creating regional networks, such as the one developed by CHERP, to reach out to local communities about the importance of energy upgrades. Deep energy retrofits are one of the most critical components to California’s energy efficiency plans. Homes and buildings make up the bulk of our nation’s energy use. CHERP has demonstrated the potential for energy savings that can be achieved through deep community engagement. We congratulate Devon for this national, visionary leadership recognition by the Home Performance Coalition.” Howard Choy, General Manager of Los Angeles County’s Office of Sustainability

“CHERP is helping California reach our collective goal of transforming the existing residential, commercial, and public building stock into high-performing and energy efficient spaces. CHERP is an excellent example of a well-coordinated and executed Public Private Partnership where homeowners, businesses, and government all come out as winners: CHERP is dramatically improving the quality of life for residents of our communities; delivering necessary energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions; improving the resilience of built environment; and providing a new platform for economic growth. Congratulations, Devon, on the 2015 Linda Wigington National Leadership Award.” Andrew McAllister, California Energy Commissioner

“Founded in Claremont, and enthusiastically supported by the City Council, we are proud of CHERP’s measurable successes in energy efficiency and stimulus of the local economy. We wholeheartedly endorse Devon’s vision of replicating CHERP’s unique, community engagement model throughout the state to help us all accomplish our sustainability and economic recovery goals. The City of Claremont is delighted to congratulate Devon on receiving this prestigious national award.” Corey Calaycay, Mayor of Claremont, CA.

The Home Performance Coalition presented the award to Devon at the 2015 ACI National Home Performance Conference in New Orleans on Wednesday, May 6. The conference took place at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans from May 4-7. The Home Performance Coalition, formerly ACI, offers the industry’s leading educational events and trade shows in partnership with the nation’s leading experts in home performance and weatherization.

The Home Performance Coalition was created through the merger of Affordable Comfort, Inc. (ACI) and the National Home Performance Council (NHPC) to unite the many voices of the home performance and weatherization industry, analyze industry trends and issues, provide education to advance the standards and practices of the industry, and support collaboration and business development throughout all sectors.

The Home Performance Coalition creates energy-efficient, healthy, sustainable homes through education, training, advocacy, and outreach. For more information, please visit